Welcome to Tingz.me! blog

Welcome to Tingz.me’s official blog.

Before I dig into what we do and who we are, I’d like to take a minute and explain the purpose of this blog. Through these posts I’d like to share our point of view on the mobile apps world. I know, it’s already a crowded space. Still, Tingz.me aims to become a dominant player in this ecosystem, and I truly believe that we have what it takes to do it.

Tingz.me is a predictive mobile app discovery platform that provides the best recommendations based on the user’s context and profile.

Our vision is to understand users’ behavior in order to improve their day-to-day lives by allowing them to maximize the quality of their mobile experience.

No need to elaborate on the amount of time we spend on using our mobile devices. What’s even more amazing is the fact that as time goes by, we use our mobile devices more and more… There are so many things we can do with these devices it’s absolutely wonderful. In Tingz.me we believe we can do even more.

Think about it for a moment. Google Play hosts approx. 1.5 million apps, and new ones are constantly added at an astonishing pace as we speak. Apple Store has about the same amount. Sure, we all have our Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Maps and a few more top notch apps (pictures, music etc.). I’m sure you can easily think of 30–50 more apps from the top of your head, but what about the remaining 1,499,950 apps out there??? It is impossible to weed the best from the rest and locate those cool new apps that would be perfect for you, if you had only heard of them…

It turns out that we’re not scratching the surface when it comes to the variety of apps and new potential uses that our mobile devices may help us with. For instance, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could easily discover new apps for:

  • Planning your next trip abroad
  • Designing the room for your new baby
  • Assisting in maintaining your fitness regime

This list goes on and on. In our next post we’ll tell you more on how we can help to fulfill this need.


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