A Note on Privacy

During the past days we’ve been getting inquiries concerning our privacy policy.

This is something that should have been clarified in advance. So, better late than never, we would like to make it clear — the sole use of the information we gather is generating the best recommendation to our users.

We understand the grave responsibility involved with asking you to share your private data with us, and highly appreciate your consent to do so. This is not something that we take for granted.

During the installation, we ask you to grant us access to private information on your device, such as location, identity, etc. Each and every request has been thoroughly considered. The general notion behind the requests is our desire to provide you with the highest level of personalization that we can.

Here are the considerations behind each and every one them:

  • Device & app history — required for familiarizing with you. It allows us to get to know you better based on the apps already installed on your device. Are you sports savvy? Do you follow financial markets? etc. In addition, it allows us to avoid from recommending great new apps that you already know and use on regular basis…
  • Identity — By getting access to your identity and accounts, we will be able to allow you, only if you want to, to connect our app with other social networks you may be a part of. Meaning that if (!!!) you wish connect Tingz.me to your Facebook account (for instance), you could do that. Even after you did, we only get access to a very limited set of predefined details about you. Moreover, you’re always in full control over the details that are shared.
  • Location — that’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Naturally, your location is a crucial parameter in determining your context ☺
  • Wi-Fi connection information — this is another parameter that allows us to better understand your location. Whereas location data may only provide us with coordinates, Wi-Fi connection info allows to better analyze the real context. For example, if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network at Camp Nou, and we know that FC Barcelona is hosting a game in an hour, we would probably guess that you’re a soccer fan.
  • Other:
  • Receive data from Internet, Full network access, View network connections, Change network connectivity — all of them are standard requirements that allow us to be in touch with you over the internet or over your cellular network
  • Run at startup — allows us to be on whenever you start up your device, and always be there to provide you great recommendations
  • Prevent device from sleeping — in certain situation we may require our service to keep on running in the background and keep in touch with your device. We cannot do that when your device is sleeping

I hope that this assisted in clarifying certain privacy issues related to our app. You’re more than welcome to directly approach me (ran@tingz.me) in case you may have additional questions.


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