Key Features of

We’re getting a lot of reactions like “how are you different from Google Play’s recommendations?”. In this post I would like to review some of our app’s feature:

  • Easy — I’ve never met an entrepreneur or a startup that did not describe itself as “easy to use”. By “Easy” we mean that all you have to do is install our app. That’s it. Once you do that our engine will immediately get to work and start familiarizing with you. It will not be a while before it starts sending you great recommendations for cool new apps.
  • Simple — By this we mean that in order to get our great recommendations, you only have to do one thing — use your device the way you’re used to. The app will not change the way it is organized. The look & feel of the experience you are familiar with will stay the same, only now you will start discovering new apps through our engine.
  • Push Notifications — As soon as we discover a new app that you may find highly useful, we will send you a notification about it at the right place and time. We think that this magnifies the discovery experience and provides the highest value for the user. No need for you to look for a recommendation, our recommendation will look for you instead. Having said that, you can always check up on recent Tings in case you might have missed something.
  • Contextual & Personalized — The data we gather allows us to better understand each user. Both analyze his profile and preferences, and understand the specific context he’s in. This is the place to repeat how much we value each user’s privacy and that we do not do anything we this kind of data except for this purpose. By doing so we’re able to provide the most focused and exact recommendations.
  • True Discovery — We believe in doing things right, and doing only those things that you’re doing right. App discovery is our only focus, and not a by-product or an additional service that is offered offhand. Our recommendations are based on our analysis and are meant to help you discover apps that you would have probably never been able find. It may be due to lack of time or availability. It may even be due to certain limitations of existing apps search tools. Whichever it is, we bridge this gap and serve you with highly valuable apps, just for you.
  • No Nudging — Push notification might become a hassle, and we do not want to become one. Therefore, we do not intend to flood you with too many recommendations. At first, you’re not likely to get new notifications more than once or twice a week. Future versions will allow users to determine the frequency of getting new notifications. By doing this, each user tweak the app to perfectly meet his appetite for new apps.

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