Tingz.me Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is finally out!

After long weeks of concentrated efforts we’re proud to announce the launch of the official new version of Tingz.me. Here’s are the main improvements in the new v2.0:

  • Fresh user interface & experience — The UI/UX has been redesigned from top to bottom. Starting with a renovated presentation of each recommendation and a revised navigation bar that helps you breeze through the suggested apps. Moreover, app descriptions are now bigger and clearer making it much easier to check out all suggestions before installing the ones you like. This is the most significant improvement in the new version.
  • Onboarding process — we got quite a few comments concerning the onboarding process, or more accurately — the lack of one. Problem solved. On the first use of the new version, a walkthrough is immediately launched. It provides an initial good idea on what our platform does and how you may benefit from using it. It ends with an example Ting to leave you with a taste of what’s coming.
  • History of recommendations — now you can easily review your recommendation history. In case you may have missed some of the recommendation we sent, they are now available in the app. Just swipe up the Tingz.me bar on the bottom of your screen, and there they are.
  • New features — now you may share, rate or contact us directly from the app. Needless to say that any of each would be appreciated.
  • Improved recommendation platform — tweaking and improving our engine is an endless task. There is still a lot to be done, and we never stop doing it. As with previous interim version releases, the new version withholds an improved platform that will help you discover great new apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install. As always, any feedback or comment will be much appreciated.


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