Predictive Discovery vs. Search

Our key differentiation is our focus on predictive discovery rather than just offer another search tool. It is very important to make a clear distinction between discovery and search in that sense.

By “predictive discovery” we mean that our platform does the work for the user, and allows him to maximize the capabilities of his smart device. We believe that we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of what they’re able to do for us. Think about it — the computing power of Apollo 11’s guidance computer was about 1MHz, while almost any smart device you buy today has a computing power computer that is (at least) 1,000 times faster… channels some of this computing power into familiarizing with the user and offering him the best apps at the right moment.

We’ve repeatedly mentioned that there are over 1.5 million apps out there, and that this number is growing rapidly by the minute. So, it seems like searching for an app when we need one is a great solution. However, two problems arise:

  1. How many times have you tried searching for an app and all you got was an endless list of irrelevant results? Current search tools usually work very well when you know the exact name of the app you’re looking for. In most of the cases it’s very hard, if not impossible to look for an app based on the general description or its functions. For instance, try looking for Shazam without writing the name at the search on Google Play, and see what are the results that you get. If you look for “music discovery” it’s located somewhere on the 50thWe’re talking here about an app with over 100 million downloads. Wouldn’t you expect it to be located a bit higher than that?
  2. How can you look for something that you do not even know exists? I’ll try to explain this point through an example. A very good friend of mine recently toured the rural areas of China for over a month. When he got back he told me that he had one major problem — the menus in the restaurants were all in Chinese, most of them without pictures of the dishes or a translation to English. He ended up guessing the lunch he ordered almost on a daily basis. It didn’t even come up to his mind to search for an app for that. Well, guess what? There are quite a few apps that do it and would have been extremely useful for this friend, had he only known that they existed. If you see my point, I’m sure that you’ll agree that there are so many other similar situations in which an app, that would be highly useful, is there, but no search tool in the world would help you think about it in the first place. does it for you. You don’t have to look for apps or regret not thinking about them. Just keep on using your device like you’re used to, and let us do the work for you.


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