The App Industry is Bigger than Hollywood

Bigger than Hollywood… Amazing, isn’t it? That’s the conclusion based on a recent report prepared by Asymco’s.

One of the report’s key findings is that “…approximately $25 billion total paid to developers. This view of the payments to ecosystem contributors shows how apps are now a bigger digital content business than music and TV programs and Movie rentals and purchases put together. This is quite a story. Put another way, in 2014 iOS app developers earned more than Hollywood did from box office in the US.”

On one hand, the report doesn’t take into account Hollywood’s revenues outside US, on the other hand, it doesn’t include non-iOS app stores’ revenues or ads and other services. Therefore, it seems that a more accurate title might have been “The [direct revenues of iOS] App Industry is Bigger than Hollywood [US box offices]. Not as attactive as the original one. Still, an interesting report that is worthwhile talking about it.

Once we got that straight, we’re ready to deal with the real story here. It lies, in my opinion, in the growth rates of the discussed revenues (see graph below):

Now, that’s something! While the selected revenues of Hollywood (as defined herein), have been practically stagnate since 2008, those of the app industry just keep on growing at a faster and faster pace. In a world where everybody is looking for trends, this is something that cannot remain overlooked.

No matter how you choose to look at these figures, it seems that arguing on definitions of what may be considered as the “app industry” or “Hollywood” is totally irrelevant. The fact that comparing the “app industry” to “Hollywood” seems like a plausible thing to do says it all.

I don’t think that anyone who owns a mobile device needs another reminder on how big the “app industry” (anyway you choose to define it) is. That’s exactly what makes getting an original new reminder about it so eyeopening.


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