And The Winners Are…

Following the recent posts (teaser, follow-on) covering our data sample, here is the third and final (for now) post on this matter. For the grande finale, we wanted to announce’s winners in selected app categories.As we’ve repeatedly noted, these apps are the ones that have been most used by our sample users, rather than the ones with most downloads on Google Play.

One very important note — this is not a commercial promotion whatsoever for any of the apps mentioned below. We’re just sharing the results, as is.

Now, without further ado, here are our winners…


Everybody loves playing games on their mobile. We spend hours playing them, and hours thinking about them, even when we’re not playing… We usually each have our favorite one that we cannot keep our hands off. Still, from time to time we feel a bit guilty for spending too much time doing so, and lie to ourselves that we could quit anytime, if we only wanted to.

The most popular games in our sample are the mega-hits Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga. In fact these two were played more than all other games altogether. Yet, the clear winner is Clash of Clans, with 2.5x more sessions than Candy Crush. Raise an army, build villages, fight barbarians — what more can you ask for?

We leave it up to you to decide which is Clash of Clans and which is Candy Crush

Alarm Clocks Apps

Alarm clocks apps is a tricky category. These apps seem simple, but they’re not. It is a great challenge to design a clean and intuitive this kind of app that provides all the basic features, yet leaves you impressed with its simplicity and esthetics. There are many apps that provide only a simplistic experience, most of them are the ones pre-installed on each Android device. They deliver functionality, but not much more than that. Certain app developers have accepted this challenge and the results are impressive. So if you are looking for more than just a plain boring alarm clock, don’t be discouraged. You may find this thorough review published on Android Authority highly useful.

The leading alarm clock apps in our sample are Timely Alarm Clock (winner) My Alarm Clock (runner-up). They both provide impressive simplicity along with great design and functionality.

Timely Alarm Clock (left) is the winner of this category

Sleep Apps

Sleep apps help the user track his sleep patterns and habits, in order to analyze sleep quality. Among the features included are monitoring sleep cycles, tracking movements, recording sounds in the room, etc. The results are presented graphically. Some apps may assist in falling asleep while playing soothing music, or waking the user up according to his sleep cycles. They may even provide warnings in case severe sleep illnesses are diagnosed. Such apps have been covered by LifeHacker, LiveScience, Men’s Fitness and more. The leading apps in our sample are Sleepbot and Sleep as Android.

Although Sleepbot was ranked higher in most of those reviews, both apps were neck and neck in our sample. As a result, we didn’t feel right determining a single winner, and decided to grant both 1st place.

Sleep as Android (left) and Sleepbot are tied for first place

Task List Apps

It seems as though task list apps do not require further explanation. However, digging a bit deeper reveals just how complicated and challenging it is to develop an app based on a “simple” to-do list. Usually, these apps differ from one another in their design and UX. Moreover, the best ones deliver a seamless experience and advanced features, such as cloud syncing, broad platform support, managing detailed projects and more. Task list apps are regularly reviewed, and are considered as “must-have” apps. Recent excellent reviews by LifeHacker and The Verge rank our leading apps in their top five. It was interesting to find out that another app, Wunderlist, ranked 3rd and 1st in those reviews, respectively, was far behind in actual use by users in our sample.

Our first place goes to , and the runner-up to Todoist. (left) is our winner of the category

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop apps allow the user to take control of another computer from afar. They’re a powerful utility when trying to troubleshoot someone over the net, or when looking to access files stored locally on one of your computers. Combined with a cloud storage service they allow the user to practically establish his own private network, accessible anytime anywhere.

A recent review by LifeHacker nominated Teamviewer as the most recommended remote desktop app. It seems that our users are completely aligned with it, and are using this app most frequently. Our runner-up is Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop, ranked in 3rd place by LifeHacker.

TeamViewer (left) is our winner of the category

Calendar Apps

Yet another difficult category. Calendars are calendars. Many of us are using the ones that are already pre-installed on our devices, not knowing that there’s much more than that. What may seem to be simple task — build a calendar app is a serious challenge. Great calendars combine functionality along with slick design and astonishing UX. Great reviews covering this category were published recently on CNET and Tom’s Guide

In our sample, we ignored the pre-installed calendar apps, and announced the winner and runner up only among the indie apps. Our winner in this category is Cal, and the runner up is Sunrise Calendar, recently acquired by Microsoft.

Podcast Apps

Listening to podcasts may be considered the closest thing to reading a book. There are so many of them, covering endless areas of interest. All you have to do is look for them, and you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your craving for knowledge. Two great reviews covering podcast apps were published recently on Phandroid and Android Central. It’s interesting that both of them chose Pocket Casts as the most recommended app. According to our sample, it ranks (only?) in 3rd place.

The most frequently used podcast app in our sample is BeyondPod Podcast. The runner up is Podcast Addict.

BeyondPod (left) is winner of the category


That’s it for now, as far as this data sample analysis goes. We hope that we managed to explain why our data sample is unique, and that you find these insight intriguing and useful.

In our future posts we will get back to covering app discovery related topics, like usually do.


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