6 Best Running Apps

Running is great, at least in my mind. A pure exercise, that is both simple and elegant. It only requires a pair of running shoes and some of your time. No need for expensive gadgets or complicated logistics. Just put on your shoes, step outside and start moving those legs. At first, it might be difficult to stick to a training regime. However, if you do, you will start feeling the change pretty soon. There are quite a few great running apps available on Google Play. Many of them offer a similar set of basic features. Still, some shine above all the rest. We believe that apps should be measured by actual usage, rather than amount of downloads. Therefore, we let our users be the judge. The apps reviewed hereunder are the ones mostly used by Tingz.me users in the context of jogging. As always, we also reviewed apps that allow you to enhance your running experience, not only the ones that focus on tracking your performance.

Best Tracking Apps

We find these three tracking apps absolutely wonderful. They provide a similar set of basic features, with slight differences between them. If you’re not using any of them to track your activity, it might be a good idea to give them a try. It is very hard to tell which is better, and we think it is mostly a matter of personal taste. All of them were tested by our staff and are highly recommended whether you are a novice or an expert.

Strava (free)

stravaStrava is the most popular running app among our users. It provides the entire pack for the avid jogger. This includes full analysis and tracking of your runs, logging and comparing your performance to previous runs, setting personal goals and challenges and many more. You may also choose to share your activities and achievements on social networks. Strava provides similar features for cycling as well, so if you’re into both activities you will benefit from having all your activities logged under a single app. In case you are already monitoring your activity with a GPS device, Strava can easily connect to a varied set of devices. If you choose to go for the premium version you will gain access to additional great features such as pace zone analysis, training videos, connecting with friends and more. All in all, this is an excellent apps that is highly recommended to joggers in all levels. It truly enhances your exercise experience and helps you stay motivated, striving for more.

Runkeeper (free)

runkeeperOur runner-up app (sorry, had to use that joke) is RunKeeper. This app is highly popular among our users, though not as Strava is. Many features are similar to those offered by Strava. These include, among others, tracking and analyzing your run, monitoring a training program, planning your route and more. One of its greatest features is a simple integration with your mobile’s music player. Upgrading to the Elite version provides access to advanced training plans, deeper data insights, ad-free environment and others. Cyclists may also find RunKeeper highly useful in tracking and analyzing those activities as well. RunKeeper allows easy integration with other apps such as MyFitnessPal (weight management), Sleep Cycle, Fitbit and others. Great app, highly recommended.

Endomondo (free)

endomondoEndomondo is another excellent tracking app. Personally, I find Strava and RunKeeper a bit better, but that’s just me. It is the third most popular running app among our users. Useful for cyclists as well. As with the first two, this app offers premium features such as additional training plans, workout weather info, customizable audio coach, ad free version and more. My favorite feature in Endomondo is its focus on keeping the user motivated in sticking with his goals. It’s an invaluable feature, in my opinion, especially for those making their first steps, literally, in the running world.

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Best Complementary Apps

As great running is, these additional apps allow the jogger to get more out of his device in that context, other than just tracking speed, time and distance. As with the tracking apps above, the ones below are most popular among our users in the context of jogging and exercising.

FIT Radio Workout Music (Free)

Screenshot_2015-04-19-16-57-37FIT Radio is a music app. Its unique angle compared to other music apps is providing an endless set of music playlists to motivate you while you are doing your exercise routine. The variety is easily filtered by genre, tempo (most important), DJ and more. Whether you are out for an easy jog or for a tougher workout session, you will surely find the right music to listen to. The music mixes update on a daily basis, still allowing you to you to save your favorite ones. You may choose to follow your favorite DJ or let the app curate new music just for you. That’s a great option if you’re into discovery new stuff. We find this app to a superb motivational aid and wonderful music discovery tool, regardless whether you’re an enthusiastic runner or a proud couch potato 🙂

Instant Heart Rate (Free)

instant hear rateThis app allows you to instantly measure your heart rate (surprising…) using your mobile’s rear camera. Those who don’t exercise with a heart rate monitor may find it useful. Although they call it “Instant”, it takes around 10 seconds to complete the measurement. Therefore, it is not as practical during your jog, and cannot replace a heart rate monitor. Having said that, it does a fair job before and after your set. It allows tracking heart rate over time, thus allowing to compare your aerobic progress. If you plan on using this app for any kind of medical purpose, it may be a good idea to consult with your physician beforehand.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)

myfitnesspalMost, if not all, joggers will probably name “better health” as one of the key motivators that drove them to start exercising. As nutrition is a key factor in maintaining better health, it is hardly surprising that most of tingz.me joggers make great use of this app. It allows you to easily track and monitor your calorie intake. You may set goals, check up nutritional facts, track your weight and more. All packed in a friendly and intuitive user interface. Those who wish to “brag” about their progress to friends will be able to do so as well. One of the most useful features that I found was analyzing your intake by nutrients, which become extra handy when planning special diet regimes. Calorie Counter is a great app, and one of those that may definitely be highly useful for almost everyone.

We hope that you liked our users’ most popular running apps. We’d be very happy to hear which apps are your favorite for running, and running related. Feel free to comment on this post or send us recommendation to info@tingz.me


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