5 Best Weather Apps For Android

Weather apps are tricky. They seem simple, but they are very sophisticated. They encapsulate a great challenge – how to fit the most, and nothing but the most, relevant info into your mobile. Check out which are the best weather Android apps, chosen by our users.

Most Used – 1Weather (Free with In-app Purchases)

unnamed1Weather takes the category, and it is the most popular weather app/widget among our users. It really offers almost everything a true weather buff can ask for. This includes daily and hourly detailed forecasts: wind, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, sunset & sundown and more. The app even lets you breeze through a cloud radar, UV index and severe weather alerts (e.g. hurricane and tropical tracks). You get all of this for free as part of the app. Still, the free version’s widget requires re-activation after a few days since initial installation. This means that you have to click and open the app everyday in order for it to display weather info. It might be a bit annoying doing this on a daily basis. However, other than that this app is fantastic in all aspects, and rightfully deserves our users’ top selection.

Runner-up – Yahoo Weather (Free)

yahooYou really got to hand it down to the guys in Yahoo for this one. This app is beautifully designed and offers a tremendous look-and-feel. It certainly has all the must-have features for a great weather app (hourly forecast, precipitation, wind speed and more). Its most significant differentiation stem from its slick design.The widget allows easy configuration based according to your favorite info.

The app is completely free with no banners, ads or in-app purchases whatsoever. This is a major plus. It is a part of the complete Yahoo app pack, thus allows easy integration and access to other Yahoo apps.

Tingz.me is available on Google Play

3rd Place – Weather & Clock Widget (Free)

weather widgetThis app is a bit different, as it seems that it is first and foremost a widget, rather than an app. It certainly feels like most of their attention was focused on the widget. As a result the app lacks many features that other weather apps provide, e.g. wind speed, cloud radar and others. I completely agree that many users are not so interested in the extra info. Yet, it is worthwhile letting the ones who are know that they will not find it here.

Back to comparing oranges to oranges, the widget is highly informative and allows full customization. In case you’re mostly interested in the basic, and most useful info, this widget is a great choice, and is the 3rd most used weather app/widget.

4th Place – The Weather Channel (Free)

weather channelThe Weather Channel app is another solid app for the weather fans out there. It offers the full variety of weather info and forecasts. Selected additional features are sharing your weather experience via social media, airport data, links to weather reports from the channel, and more.

An evident downside is showing too many ads. Having said that, it’s completely understood, given that the app is free. Moreover, the widget is not as customizable as other widgets reviewed herein.

The app offers other features available for US users only, and perhaps that’s the reason it highly popular among our users there.

5th Place – AccuWeather (Free with In-app Purchases)

Clipboard01This app is the 5th most popular among our users. My original guess was that it would be ranked higher. It excels in its graphic design and user experience. Accuweather’s app provides an easy navigation over the full package of weather information. It includes a unique minute-by-minute precipitation forecast (Minutecast®) in selected locations, and social sharing features of your local weather conditions. The widget is highly customizable and updates every 15 minutes.

Users who wish to receive push notifications and alerts regarding severe weather conditions will find this app extremely useful. This feature is available only in US. Last but not least, the app allows watching video forecasts from Accuweather’s website.

We’d be happy to know of additional weather apps that you are using and would like to recommend. Kindly send your recommendations to info@tingz.me.

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