Best Sleep Apps for Android

Most people spend nearly one third of their lives sleeping. Many of us do not get enough sleep, and some suffer from various sleep-related problems. Back in the days, before we all had smart mobile devices, monitoring one’s sleep was a big issue. It still is of course, for those who suffer from serious problems and require medical attention. However, those who just want to better track their sleeping habits may find convenient solutions in the form of mobile apps.

One of the coolest features provided by certain sleeping apps is an alarm clock that takes into account your sleep cycles. The idea is to wake you up at the end of a cycle, just before you start a new one. If performed properly, you are expected to wake up fresh and energetic, rather than crawl out of bed cursing and swearing.

A word of caution – neither this review nor the apps reviewed below are any kind of substitute to medical advisory concerning sleep problems of any kind.

The apps reviewed are the ones that are most frequently used by our users. Please note that we chose only four apps this time, as there was a substantial gap between them and the rest.

Sleepbot (Free)

sleepbotSleepbot is one of the two most popular apps among our users. As we have already discussed in a previous post, it is neck and neck together with “Sleep as Android”.

Sleepbot allows you to track almost every aspect of your sleep habits. Features range from simple time logging to movement tracking and sound recording (for those who are blamed for snoring or talking in their sleep…). It also includes the sleep cycle alarm clock, which works very well.

Those who are into deeper analysis could monitor trend graphs and review stats of their sleep. It even allows you to set target and manage your “sleep debt” throughout time.

The app is completely free, which is rare among this type of apps. Moreover, you will find a useful help section to guide you through all of the app’s features.

All of the above, and more, make Sleepbot an excellent sleep app that is highly recommended.

Sleep as Android (Free trial)

sleep as androidSleep as Android is just as popular as Sleepbot in our survey.

One of the things that I liked the most about it is the excellent tutorial right from the get go. It goes over the most important features and allows you to tweak the app exactly as you like it.

Aside from tracking your sleeping intervals, it tracks your movements and sounds. It also provides nature sounds acting as lullabies to help you fall asleep faster. Its “Smart Wake-Up” features takes into account your sleep cycles. Thus, wakes you up around the desired time, to make it easier for you. For those who tend to snooze too long, the app can have you solve some arithmetic problems or fulfill other simple tasks before it turns the alarm off. Be aware that this might make you want to sink your device in a bathtub.

An additional important feature is native integration with other apps that claim to help improve your sleep quality.

The free version is available for a 14-day trial. Users may acquire the unlocked version straight ahead or choose certain add-ons at a lower price. In my mind, not offering it all for free is its only significant downside compared to Sleepbot. is now available on Google Play

 Sleep Better (Free, In-app Purchases)

sleep runtasticThis app was lagging both apps reviewed above. It is a member of the Runtastic app package, therefore allows native integration with fellow apps.

Some of its features overlap with those of Sleepbot and Sleep as Android. Having said that, it also offers a bunch of new ones. The similar features are the standard ones, i.e. tracking your sleep intervals and movements. Its unique features include better insights concerning other factors that affect your sleep. For instance, whether you worked out or not, had a stressful day, drank caffeine and more. Taking those additional factors into account may help you get a better idea about the toll they take on your sleep.

All in all it is an easy app to operate and highly recommended.

 Sleep Time (Free)

sleep timeSleep Time is another app that is very straightforward. I can easily understand why it is so popular among our users, and ranked 4th. It is probably since it’s so plain and simple to use.

It cuts to the chase as far as sleep tracking goes. Not too many features, only the important ones, i.e. tracking time and movements. Users can easily define the time and the range at which they would like to wake up. It may vary from a 0 (normal alarm) to 30 minutes. The app is supposed to wake you up just when it’s right.

Despite the simplicity, the app provides interesting insights concerning your sleep quality, including graphics. It even offers its own developed wake-up optimization algorithm to analyze your sleep phases.

I must admit that I found this app to be most user-friendly and highly effective.


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