Cool Summer Apps

The heat is back on. Summer is here and it’s hotter than ever. So many apps out there can help you make the best out of this time of year. So grab your devices and check them out. Fitness and weather apps immediately come to mind when we think about going to the pool, the beach or just hanging out. We’ve already discussed apps from those categories in previous reviews. Therefore, this time we wanted to review other great apps that are highly popular among our users, especially in these scorching days. So here we go:

My Cocktail Bar (Free)

MbZQc78apV9H1XsCgPpuf3CVhEiW4HL5QXwzYki6OzZskrBxGkrNCJB0URSL_3BPqw=h900Nothing beats a cool drink to fight off summer heat. My Cocktail Bar is the easiest way to learn how to fix your favorite cocktail. No need to be a professional bartender in order to follow the well-explained instructions. Moreover, I’m pretty sure that many bartenders may find here great new ideas and expand their repertoire.

Like any respectable cocktail book, you may browse through tempting cocktails and choose the ones you’d like to make. However, its coolest features is allowing the users to build their own “bar shelf” and list their available ingredients. Based on these, the app suggests which cocktails they can prepare.

Great app, for the novice as well as for the pro. Cheers!

IMDb Movies & TV (Free)

IMDBI consider myself as a true movie buff. As such, I love the IMDb app. Naturally, IMDB doesn’t need to be introduced, still I thought it should be listed in this context. It is definitely THE place to get all info on movies, TV, theaters, related news and more.

Most of us (I hope so) usually have some more free time during the summer. That’s a good opportunity to catch up on movies or shoes missed out, or even better, help determine which new ones are worthwhile watching.

One of my favorite features is the numerous lists of crowd-recommended movies. If you have the time and wondering which movie to watch next, IMDb is what you’re looking for.

djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music (Free)

djay FREEdjay FREE is a cool app that allows you to play and mix music directly from your device. Just plug your device into your stereo and start making those people dance.

It is very easy to get the hang of it rather fast. You’d be amazed as your device instantly transforms into a full-featured turntable. You may access various music libraries aside from that on your device. The app may play directly from Spotify, though not from Google Music (as of writing those lines).

There are many other features like smart mixing, changing temp, pitch, multi-format support and more. This app is pure fun, letting you play with your music collections.

Windfinder (Free)

WindfinderThis app may be highly valuable for those who are into gliding or nautical sports, of all kinds. It provides all the info you need concerning wind (speed, direction, pressure) and waves. The info includes a detailed forecast up to several days ahead. It also has location-related features such as maps and saving your favorite spots.

All in all, it’s a pretty straightforward app. The important info is there, without distractions.

If you’d like to get rid of the banners, go for the paid version. Other than that there’s no difference between the app versions.


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