Best Airport Apps for Android

It’s mid-summer already. For those who still haven’t left for a summer vacation abroad, we would like to recommend some great apps to help you get around in the airport and make time fly faster (sorry for the silly joke..) while you’re there.

FlightStats (Free)

ZSAk5jpVTMuRjUYhgM0YV8DyP1-FPcq3JIUjisrHwwjyKVcXBJ8cN8txzcxwyBUNK3Y=h900This is a must-have airport app. It provides all the necessary flight info (terminal, gates, departure and landing time, etc.) It allows you to track certain flights and even check up their route and current location.

It also allows you to check up departures and arrivals at a specific airport and sort it by airline and time.

The app is free, unlike many others that provide much less info but still charge you for it. If you had to pick only one app to get all the relevant flight info you needed, make sure it’s FlightStats.

XE Currency (Free)

k_bk_y2Q3PHELDwrPJfbgHjcO_6LHC91_hz9tA83Q2eEIzHSNz7fwyEZust2MbbeogA=h900How many times were you standing in line of the currency exchange at the airport, wishing you had done this before you left the hotel? You’re probably a bit angry at their nerve for charging those crazy rates.

If this sounds familiar, you may find XE Currency highly useful in getting the latest exchange rates for practically every foreign currency you can think of. It doesn’t get any simpler than this to calculate the exchange amount. Moreover, one of the app’s advantages compared to similar ones is allowing you to convert multiple rates at once.

Our only request is try not to get too frustrated when you realize the gap between “real world” exchange rates to those at the airport…

Wi-Fi Finder (Free)

wdPaiz2e1kwwBuZZSoxFjDLyZVhli01eyqCI6E5AShm31rLDTjYuq9XUiljvUixhZa2U=h900This app may be very useful if you have some time to kill waiting for your next flight. It may save you quite a lot of money. Instead of using up all you roaming data, just log on to an available wi-fi network. This app is what you were looking for. It simply scans all available hotspots around you, and allows connecting to them easily.

The app could be highly useful outside the airport as well, listing known hotspots and the distance to them. It even indicates which ones are free and which ones are paid. You may also get directions and share hotspots.

The app offers a great UX, which is another advantage. All in all, it’s a great app that is highly useful both at home and abroad.

Flight Control Demo (Free) / Extreme Landing (Free)

While at the airport, you will find yourself standing at various waiting lines. If you’re into casual games, and even if you’re not, that may be the perfect spot to take out your mobile and diving into a a game. The ones we recommend will get you into the “airport” mood. We bet that many of you will get hooked on those games for a while, just like I did.

w8pz80PR-BOv55G7JETynqUHIC4Iq9Kf3Rk3q6AsTxOs2m0Vo41mmrWNivTZofKxOJfY=h900Flight Control appoints you as the chief of airport’s control tower. As such you’re required to direct airplanes and choppers to the right landing runways. You must route them properly to avoid mid-air crashes. This is the free version. The paid version offers additional airport at different sceneries.

vX54lw1yfK4PCCii0xB4dPpIUMpXUHrMVQOfYIgA3NOnL30kn_Bxj3zh0n65vO5jO9c2=h900Extreme Landing leads you directly to the pilot seat at the cockpit. You will be the hero of the day if you land the aircraft safely at challenging conditions.

The graphics was more realistic than we had expected, and the landing missions were harder than we thought. Both make this game challenging. However, the best part is that if for some reason you failed to bring it back home, you can always try again…


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