Best Brain-Train Apps for Android

Brain-Train apps are an excellent mean of productivity. Instead of wasting too much time on simple (but great) casual games, let’s make the most of our mobile usage. Let’s train our brain! Below you will find reviews of the most frequently used apps by users.

I strongly believe that most people would secretly admit that they spend too much time on their mobile. Some of them may even wish they had spent less time, doing something else that is more “productive” instead.

Whether this encapsulates exactly how you feel sometimes, or not, I am pretty sure that you will find brain-train apps to be excellent apps. The way I see it, brain-train apps are almost the perfect crime. No offense, of course! On one hand, they’re terrific – challenging, productive and thought-provoking. On the other hand, they make you feel good for using your mobile for so long 🙂

I don’t know how useful are these apps in improving one’s cognitive skills, but they’re sure as hell fun and allow you diversify your gaming repertoire.

Elevate (Free)

elevateElevate is one of best in the genre. Aside from the slightly tedious walkthrough that new users are required to follow, it is absolutely wonderful. There are over 30 different games working on various skills such as, memory, focus, math, speed reading and others.

The app offers weekly plans, consisting of daily “workouts”, keeping the user highly motivated. The games’ level is adaptive, maintaining an ongoing challenge. I really liked how simple it is to track your progress, urging the user to constantly improve.

The app is free, however, there is also a pro version. The paid version, offers unlimited access to all games, including exclusive ones. There are other additional features, though I find the unlimited access to be the main difference.

I’m still with the free version, and find it to be just enough for me. It won’t be surprising if many of you, as many of our users, choose to upgrade to Elevate Pro.

Lumosity (Free)

lumosityThis app is quite similar to Elevate in many aspects. It aims to develop cognitive skills, it offers over 25 games working on different brain tasks including a daily trainer.

As with Elevate, Lumosity offers a paid version in which there are no limitations on the amount daily allowed games.

I would say that both apps are neck and neck in their features, though more importantly in their high quality. In my opinion, it is merely a matter of personal taste whether you choose this app or the other. I’m using both free versions, thus enjoying the best of both worlds.

BrainPop Featured Movie (Free)

brainpopThis app is actually an extension of the website. It provides short animated movies, followed by an interactive quiz (only if you want it to…). Each movie covers a different topic from historical events or figures to concepts in science, arts and more. In order to access all movies you must be subscribed (either you buy it or get it in school).

Aside from the vast inventory of movies (over 750), the app provides a daily free movie covering a topic tied to current events. Movies are usually 3-4 minutes long, making them a perfect pass time on the go.

The app is aiming for kids, however I bet that most of you may learn a lot from these movies. I know that I did.

Math Tricks (Free)

math tricksThis is a classic. An app that teaches you useful math tricks to speed up calculations. The app is very simple, but don’t be fooled, as it beholds great knowledge and lots of tricks.

The learning process is gamified, allowing to test your new skills over the course of changing levels of difficulty. Mastering the highest levels is something to proud of. You may also compete with friends over a split screen mode which makes it even more fun.

The app is 100% free, with no premium subscriptions. If there was one app that I could get hooked on without an feeling ounce of guilt, Math Tricks would be it.


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