Best Android Apps for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Before we dive into this post’s reviews we’d like to wish all our users, followers and readers a Happy New Year. May 2016 be much better than 2015, though not as good as 2017.

2016 is almost here. Many people plan on making various resolutions right before the New Year begins. It usually doesn’t take too long before they find out that they fail to keep them…

Therefore, we decided to review the best apps that may help you keep up with the goals you set. The apps below may even give you some ideas for setting new ones. Out of the many apps that do it, we decided to focus on the five below.

Fooducate (Free)

fooducateWho hasn’t promised himself at least once that next year he’d start watching his weight? This app does much more than this. As its name suggests it helps the user self-educate himself as far as it concerns food.

It helps you get on the right track of losing weight by eating healthier. Aside from tracking calories and exercise, there are lots of healthy easy-to-follow recipes. You may even get the support of a large community of people like you, who have already done it, those who are like you, trying to lead a healthier diet.

Another great feature is analyzing food products by scanning their barcode. You can immediately get the info that certain manufacturers don’t always share on the label. This includes trans-fats, food colorings, additives, preservatives, and more.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight in the healthiest way possible, I’d strongly advise that you get this app now.

Aqualert:Water Reminder H2O (Free)

aqualertStill with healthier living apps. This cool app will help you track your water intake. No doubt that drinking water, rather than any other type of beverage, is the right thing to do. It saves you from the extra calories, artificial coloring and other stuff you’d prefer avoiding.

Aqualert helps you make sure that you keep adequately hydrated throughout the day. It features cool graphics and sends smart reminders regarding the right servings.

As a renowned sodas addict, I’m happy to admit that this app has helped me reduce my soda consumption by half within a matter of days. If you’re like me, I strongly recommend this app.

 Mint Bills: Bill Pay & Money (Free)

mintHave you ever promised yourself that next year you’d finally be on top of your spending, maybe even try to save some money?

Mint allows you to keep a close eye on your bills, bank accounts and credit cards. For those of you who are finding it hard to keep up with all of those, this is a must-have app. How many times have you forgotten to pay a bill or had to check your balance before you paid? Mint allows you to do it all in one place. One of the best features that I found is allowing you to budget your expenses based on your credit limits.

Naturally, you must be wondering about security issues. Well, no need to worry here. The app meets banking security standards and is monitored by third-party security experts such as TRUSTe, McAfee and others to provide the assurance that you may be looking for.

 Duolingo: Learn Languages (Free)

duolingoLooking to get smarter this year? Learning a new language is one way to do it. If that’s the way you choose, Duolingo will help.

It is probably one of the best apps for achieving this task. It allows to learn over 10 different languages for free. The process includes various methods, from enhancing vocabulary and learning grammar rules to speaking and listening skills. In order to advance to a new level you must ace tests that are getting harder. All of the above takes place while reserving the most important ingredient in any learning process – fun.

So, download Duolingo and expand your horizons as you explore the realms of a new language.

30 Day Plank Challenge (Free)


This app is a part of a family of apps, offering different 30-day challenges. Each challenge is a physical activity of some sort, for instance, push-ups, burpees abs and others. The idea is that during 30 consecutive days the user does the chosen exercise, at increasing intensity.

This app may be highly useful for those who have promised themselves to do more exercise next year, or for those who are looking to start exercising. There is not too much to do within the app, except for operating it while you’re doing the exercise or setting daily reminders. I see this as a major advantage.

I’m now in the middle of the Plank Challenge and absolutely loving it. Try it yourself to get stronger and healthier.


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