Best Anroid Apps for Wine, Beer & Spirits Buffs

We decided to gather some apps for Wine, Beer & Spirits buffs out there. In recent years more and more people have started to develop their unique taste and palate for alcoholic beverages. Many do not settle for just ordering “red wine” in bars or restaurant, but prefer inquiring more about the wine’s origin, vintage and more. The same goes for whiskey, vodka, beer and other spirits.Before we proceed, we’d like to make this short disclaimer: We urge our readers to consume alcoholic beverages carefully. While moderate drinking may offer certain health benefits, drinking too much is bad. Period. We’re especially against underage drinking which is illegal, and strongly recommend everybody to never mix drinking and driving. As the Beastie Boys put it: “If you’re drivin’, don’t drink, and if you drink, don’t drive”.

Now we may proceed.

In this post we gathered the apps our users use in this regard. We tried to review apps covering a wide range, from wine buffs to home beer-brewers. Let’s go:

Vivino Wine Scanner (Free)


If we had to recommend only one app, this would be it. This is probably the ultimate wine app that covers practically everything for the average wine enthusiast. It is the #1 app in terms of downloads and runs a wine database of over 6 million wines from more than 100,000 wineries.

The app’s strongest feature is analyzing wine labels. Simply by scanning and uploading the label, it instantly provides all the relevant info, including rating, reviews, food-pairing suggestions and more. All of the above are provided by a vibrant wine-loving community.

If you’re fine with these features, you will probably go with the free version. There is also an opportunity for a monthly subscription, that will help you manage your cellar, give you access to expert review and other exciting options. I admit that the free version is more than enough for me.

Wine Dictionary (Free)

dictionaryWine Dictionary is a great app for those who are looking to learn more about wine. Its merit lies in its simplicity, a dictionary dedicated to wine only. With over 900 expressions, you’re bound to find what you are looking for.

It briefly explains fancy words and even teaches you how to pronounce them. Through this dictionary you may learn how to describe tastes, which grapes are used in which wine and other great stuff about wine regions.

I find this app to be an excellent complementary to Vivino.


Alcohol Finder Under The Label (Free)

finderThis app is great for those who are into spirits. It may become highly useful when looking to purchase your next bottle of liquor. The variety is (almost) endless: whiskey, tequila, gin, vodka, rum and more. Each bottle, is rated along with an estimated price, for your convenience. It offers a great feature of comparing bottles side by side before you choose one. It explains different aspects of each spirit from production to taste.

In addition, it includes over 16,000 recipes of cocktails. You may search by the ingredients that you already have or by a cocktail’s name. You may even create your own drinks and share them with friends.

As a bonus, it even offers games when drinking with friends. Again, as with the disclaimer above, we recommend again that our readers drink moderately.

Home Brew Calculator (Free)

homebrewLately, I’ve heard of more and more people who started to home-brew their own beer. At first, my reaction was “why?”. With time, I became more intrigued. It turns out that the basics are less complicated than one might expect. Moreover, the initial investment required is not that big, and is definitely not the main barrier. The main challenge, in my mind, is devoting the time required. Those who do wish to give it a try, need to learn quite a lot, mainly through trial and error.

This app is straight and to the point. No fancy design or effects. Only hardcore calculators to help you brew the best beer at your garage.

I like this app and would really love to meet more people who use it. One thing’s for sure – I’d love to taste their beer.




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